One Heartbeat Away …


The poignant image of the mother and child at the cemetery is profound and heart-wrenching.

As a Vietnam Veteran, Memorial Day is more than having a day off. It is a day like every day, remembering the Veterans, the military people who gave the greatest sacrifice, their lives, and all military families who give so much.

I believe that in many ways, I shall always be one heartbeat away from my fourteen-month tour of duty in the war.

5 comments on “One Heartbeat Away …

  1. Shana Dean says:

    Wow, that really is a heart-wrenching image. I pray for the end of all war and fighting. It is so unnecessary! But with this said, I am thankful for your service and your compassionate energy during your call of duty. Welcome home! I am praying for peace and the end of suffering for all. Thank you for you beautiful life coaching work, Reiki certification classes and spiritual mentoring. Your life’s work is so valuable for the peace and happiness of every life you touch! xoxoxo

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  2. Enchantress Aubry says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

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  3. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:


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  4. Jannirose Fenimore says:

    Thank you, Stephen. This is profoundly moving and powerful. As the wife of a retired USAF pilot, this is near and dear to my heart. Many blessings to you, friend–I’m grateful you made it home from Vietnam all those years ago. Your sacrifice in the name of freedom is such a gift–both then and now.

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  5. chefjanalee says:

    Very heart wrenching and there may never be a day that goes by that you forget. Thank you for posting this, thank you for your service and let’s not forget all of the above. These families left behind just break my heart! Thank you Stephen 🙏♥️🙏‼️

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