I am a wildlife, nature, landscape, action, macro, travel, documentary and humanitarian, architecture, street, event, and photojournalist photographer.

I photograph to be surprised and delighted!

Writing is a lifetime passion of mine. My other creative passion is photography and you can visit the following website to view my Fine Art Photography. A small sideshow of selected images can be seen on the side of each page of this blog.

Click to visit Stephen Bruno Photography

My Photography Approach

You may also notice some differences with my website (and photography) in contrast to other professional photographers. I do nature, landscape, action, macro, travel, documentary and humanitarian, architecture, street, event, and photojournalism equally rather than one area exclusively. One could make the argument that a photographer, who is dedicated to a single subject, will have greater expertise in their sole area of preference.

I believe that each field of photography requires different and often demanding (even counter intuitive) skills and knowledge. When combined, I am a better photographer in any single field since I can access a wider range of practical skills and knowledge gained with this expansive approach.

Take wildlife and human portraiture for example. There are certainly differences in tracking and photographing a Black-tailed Deer in the woods and an adult sitting for a casual photo journalistic portrait. However, consider photographing children for natural portraits outside as they play and well…behave like the children that they are. I can take effective action photographs of the children (and adults) at play that brings out the spirit and personality of each child (or adult) better than a more restrictive pose.

One essential element is spontaneity. My years of experience photographing large and small mammals or fast and unpredictable birds are wonderful training for capturing the essence of a child running across a field at a local park. Positioned in an unobtrusive way and being ready at the right place and in the right moment for that spontaneous photograph of children and adults is the same as photographing wildlife.

 My Photography Philosophy

I believe that artists, writers, and photographers are vigilant observers by inclination, background, and training. My life, which includes each of these professions, serves me well in developing and enhancing intuition, observational skills, focus, natural instinct, dedication, curiosity, compassion, and patience. People tell me that I photograph with an artist’s eye. I believe that it comes from my naturalist’s heart.

A few of my Favorite Photographers A few of my favorite photographers include Garry Winogrand, Annie Leibovitz, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White, Eve Arnold, Richard Misrach, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Robert Mapplethorpe, Alfred Stieglitz, Bruno Morandi, Irving Penn, Robert Frank, Steve McCurry, Elliott Erwitt, David Duchemin, Ami Vitale, Yousuf Karsh, Nan Goldin, and Manuel Alvarez Bravo.

My Photography Background

While a high school senior, my grandmother purchased my first camera—a Minolta 35mm as a pre graduation gift. When she did, I immediately took to black and white photography including creative dark room development. I also shot color photography.

I answered an ad by the local large newspaper to take action photographs of area high school sporting events and write the captions. They hired me after looking at my portfolio. This was my first paying job and the first professional publication of my photography career.

I then became Editor-In-Chief of my Southern California high school paper, spending a lot of time in the dark room and combining a love of photography and writing. In college, I became the Editor-In-Chief of the campus newspaper where I continued my love of photography and writing.

Drafted and eventually receiving orders to Vietnam, my Minolta traveled with me during my 14-month Army tour of duty where I photographed many powerful images that remain clear to me even today. Rather than drink alcohol or do drugs, I ran 10 miles daily whenever I could.I was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

While in Vietnam, I raised many large Mantises to keep the Mosquitoes away and photographed the process. I continue to enjoy macro photography.

On my return to the States, I took numerous portraits to support the United Way’s annual fundraising campaign. I worked in the Public Relations department of a college in California where I was responsible for many PR photographs and all of the darkroom activities.

I also worked as a Marketing Manager for an international aerospace corporation utilizing my photography, writing and graphic skills.

I produced and edited a monthly 64-page art, literature and photography magazine. Contributing my own writing and photography, I also provided many photographers, artists and writers with their first opportunity for publication. Some went on to prominent creative careers.

I value your reading and following my blog!

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