Photography Class for Beginning & Intermediate Enthusiasts

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Spectacled Owl 2014 © Stephen Bruno

Recently, a number of people interested in photography viewed my images on my website at or noticed my photographs hanging on my wall at home and asked me if I could teach a small casual affordable class on the fundamentals of photography with an emphasis on wildlife, nature, people and landscape.

Although I already teach both half-day and all-day photography field workshops, I wanted to support those interested in photography by agreeing to teach a photography class in my home. The advantage of a class over the workshop is that without distractions, we can focus on the techniques, approaches, and fundamentals in a comfortable setting where you can take notes and easily ask many questions. There are no weather or temperature restrictions and no strenuous hiking. I do live next to an area of nature with a variety of critters and photography opportunities in case the class is interested in briefly practicing what we discuss.

I have a different perspective on teaching a photography class. Drawing on my writing, art, and photography background my teaching emphasis is more on spontaneous natural creativity rather than systematic technology. I believe that it is the craft of ‘process,’ that creates the art of photography. Regardless of the technical acumen, your camera cannot tell you what to include in your composition.

No matter how advanced your camera is, it cannot create a connection with your subject nor show you when to press the shutter button. I have a very relaxed, yet aware personal teaching style. This allows me to be present with each participant since I do not have an agenda or itinerary to follow. I do want to inspire your passion, vision, and creativity and motivate you to become the photographer that you desire to be. I want to encourage your photographic inquiries. I want to share knowledge in an easy, flowing, uncomplicated manner. Show you how to see through the eyes of an artist.

In the photography excursions that I facilitate in the Northern Arizona area, I know that it is all about the process of relationships that makes a difference in quality photography. This includes the relationship of connections, process, communication, space, light, and even unfamiliarity.

The camaraderie of other participants is a valuable part of the learning process. Nurture your new friendships that emerge from these classes. We all learn by different means. Some of us are best with auditory learning and the rest learn best by visual means. Fewer prefer both auditory and visual. I draw on these styles when teaching about photography.

Tailored to the participants’ level of expertise and quality of images that they are taking, this class has a focus on wildlife, nature, landscape, black and white, artistic artistry, macro, and close-up.

We will discuss and explore gestalt perception, perspective, and depth, pattern, and texture, horizon, rhythm, photographic elements including horizontal and vertical lines, curves, motion, and movement.

I will share about bold and dynamic approaches rather than adhering to the conventional. We will look at juxtaposition, response rather than reaction and the relationship of shapes and spaces.

Other proposed discussions include spatial context, frame dynamics, placement, composition, contrast and dynamic tension.

I am considering a weekly class of perhaps 1 1/2 hours or so and have not set a specific number meetings yet. I would like to establish the needs, desires, and priorities of the group to determine the process and focus during the first meeting.

Although definitely not limited to this, I will draw on my many years as a photographer especially on how to connect with wildlife and creatively photograph them.

Frequently, photography enthusiasts ask me to teach classes again on photography and the above is just off the top my thought process at this time. As for most of us serious about our photography, this class is a work in progress.

If you also are interested, please leave me an email message at with your email and mention this photography class. I am developing a waiting list for this class with a maximum of seven people. If there are more than seven participants, I will schedule an additional class. I will establish the affordable fee, dates and times when I have at least, half of the class confirmed. I will do my best to hold the class when everyone is available. I will be asking participants to bring their camera and manual if they have that along with any lenses.

4 comments on “Photography Class for Beginning & Intermediate Enthusiasts

  1. aeolosgia says:

    Sounds really great, Stephen! I wish I was there so I could join your class. I’m sure it will be a wonderful success. 🙂 All the best, Giacinta


  2. aeolosgia says:

    You’re very welcome and thank you, Stephen! You’re very kind. 🙂


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