“Where Have All the Flowers Gone” – The Kingston Trio

My new acoustic guitar 2019 © Stephen Bruno

I had a guitar in the early 1970s, and I was teaching myself how to play while a counselor at a free clinic in California. After guiding a young man from committing suicide, I loaned him my guitar for inspiration. It must have worked as he never returned it, and I felt he needed it more than I did.

It is 49 years later and time for me to follow that initial passion of mine. One goal is to learn how to play meaningful songs on the guitar and lead the diverse groups that I teach in singing folk songs, including some of my original songs telling relatable stories and fusing some with other genres.

Yesterday I purchased an acoustic Breedlove guitar and took my first one-hour lesson. An injury to my shoulder and surgery on my thumb creates an obstacle that I am embracing. Yes, and being 70 years old while learning how to play the guitar perhaps poses another challenge.

I believe that my passion is greater than the challenges, and in time, I will be joyfully singing along with the people in the gatherings while playing the guitar.

4 comments on ““Where Have All the Flowers Gone” – The Kingston Trio

  1. Clarence O'Neil says:

    Greetings Stephen,

    That is great news that you will be creating meaningful mellow sounds playing your guitar.

    You have the passion, love and tenacity to gain a true following.

    You are an awesome teacher, that has students all over the country.

    We are blessed, honored and grateful to have been taught by you.

    Thank you with your guidance, intuitive guidance, unconditional compassion and love.

    Much Love & Hugs,


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  2. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    This is wonderful and inspiring! So pleased to hear you are revisiting this passion and without a doubt you’ll be enjoying the gatherings soon and sharing your beautiful music and meaningful touching lyrics. Have fun and best of luck with this very cool and joyful adventure. 😊🙏🎶

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  3. chefjanalee says:

    This is great news! I had no idea that this was a passion of yours. Yippee! Nice guitar, and happy first lesson. I love it! I hope it brings therapeutic pleasure as well as peace and joy.
    I like the photo too, thank you for sharing with us! So glad to see you bringing in more fun, well deserved.

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  4. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words… and more. Along with what you wrote, you’ve shared so much of yourself in this one frame. All so meaningful, beautiful, inspiring and deeply touching and appreciated. I’ve listened to and sang “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” so many times over the years and love it so

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