Freelance Contributor & Photojournalist for Colorado Monthly News Magazine

After an extensive evaluation process including submission of my writing style and photography ability, I received an email today that I am now one of their freelance contributors & photojournalist for Western Colorado’s leading monthly news magazine for adults 50 and older with over 50,000 readers each month.

My first paid job was in high school taking action photographs of county-wide high school sports events and writing an accompanying brief news report for a large newspaper.

I am currently editing several fiction and nonfiction books and a coffee table photography book with 2020 as the publishing date.

Since I was drafted out of college at the height of the Vietnam War which deterred me from my journalism major, this Freelance Contributor & Photojournalist brings me back full circle to my first passion.

Early Writer – I was writing short stories on an old Underwood typewriter by the time I was four years old. In junior high school, I wrote two plays, Old Glory and Adelante! I was asked to have these play presented to the student body while given some director responsibility.

Avid Reader – I began reading at a very young age. Throughout elementary school, I read novels in class and ditched school to spend hours at the library near my home.

Editor in Chief – I was the editor of both my high school and college newspaper.

Rebel – I created and wrote articles and satire for an ‘underground’ newspaper I had the U.S. Army distribute in Vietnam during my fourteen-month tour of duty. I was nearly court marshaled and ordered to stop after two issues.

Columnist – For several years, I wrote a weekly Southern California newspaper column on diverse subjects.

Magazine Publisher & Editor –  I published and edited a monthly literary, photography, and art magazine for several years.

Writers’ Conference Director – I organized and directed two national writers’ conferences in Oregon and Washington.

Writers’ Group & Workshop Instructor – I created and taught numerous writers’ groups and workshops, resulting in publication for some participants.

4 comments on “Freelance Contributor & Photojournalist for Colorado Monthly News Magazine

  1. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    Thrilling! So pleased to see this happening for you and all who will be benefiting and enjoying your writing and photography. I know I do whenever possible and am wondering if I can subscribe to this Western Colorado’s leading monthly news magazine even though I don’t live there! 🙂 Congratulations and the very best to you in this wonderful endeavor!

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  2. Sue Maves says:

    Congratulations. I’m sure the readers will enjoy your articles and the photographs of a very talented photographer. I am in a similar but different situation. I work for a magazine called THE WAG magazine. It is all about dogs and originates from Fountain Hills, AZ. We have contributing writers and I am the proofreader. We are growing and are distributing the magazine in Prescott now. And since I live here, I am also selling ads locally. I never thought I’d be selling ads at 75. The proofreading I’ve been doing for 40 years. I really do enjoy it. I hope you will get much enjoyment from your experience.

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  3. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    Ps- loved reading about all your wonderful writing accomplishments. What passionate engaging energy and what a gift you continue to share. Always look forward to reading all your writing and can’t wait for your books to become available! Thank you so much for devoting yourself to sharing all that you do with us here and others in a variety of ways. You make such a huge difference for so many!!! TY! 😊🙏

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