Children in Need

Community-empowering approach is helping kids and families transform their own lives.

This morning, I watched the historic news when I saw an advertisement about sponsoring a child for $50 per month with World Vision. There are so many children throughout the world who live in poverty.

I’m reminded that during my 14-month US Army tour of duty in Vietnam, I sponsored a child in Korea through World Vision by having $50 deducted every month.

2 comments on “Children in Need

  1. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Stephen! Often when I see advertisements of this nature I’m moved to wanting to contribute to the cause they represent. I know you are very thorough and discerning with what you support given things like how the organization works and how much of the contributions they receive actually go towards those in need. I will donate to World Vision to help the children. Thank you again and blessings for all! ❤️

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  2. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    By the way… thank you for providing the World Vision Link. It’s beautiful!


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