Preparing for Snow in Cedaredge

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Rescued Mountain Lion 2014 © Stephen Bruno

Somehow, I have managed to live to be 70 years old, and I want to be in as good a condition as I can to continue my passion for wildlife and nature photography. I am looking forward to moving to Cedaredge, Colorado in a few days and I’ve decided to walk every day from my home in Cedaredge and build up my endurance for continuous hiking higher up the mountain later in the new year.

Not having an all-wheel-drive vehicle I need to park and then hike into remote areas to visit some of the lakes. I’m planning on camping and occasionally renting isolated cabins on the Grand Mesa. I want to get up early and observe and photograph the Black Bears, Mountain Lions, Moose, deer, and other wildlife living in the mountains.

Cedaredge is already experiencing some snow, and it could snow on the day I move into my new home. I sense that this will be a heavy snow season. It was time to get some quality snow boots. Today I found Sorel Men’s Conquest Boots that I believe are going to work well for me. They will support me in 3+’ deep snow and -40° conditions while keeping my feet warm and dry. They also will be a benefit during the summer for hiking around the Grand Mesa.

Sorel Men’s Conquest Boots 2018 © Stephen Bruno

I’ll post photographs of my walks around charming Cedaredge and on my visits to the surrounding small towns in addition to my photography adventures on Grand Mesa during each of the seasons here and more images on my Stephen Bruno Photography website.

I photographed the rescued Mountain Lion, who I found to be gentle, at an animal sanctuary and I had the opportunity to connect with it and pet it. I took the image of the new snow boots with my compact camera.

3 comments on “Preparing for Snow in Cedaredge

  1. Shana Dean says:

    I’m so happy you will be walking! What a wonderful way to stay healthy and connect to nature and the wildlife. I love those boots too. They look great!! You are in for some fantastic exploring! 💗

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  2. I am also happy that you are going to be outdoors where you love to be. The boots are beautiful and well needed I’m sure! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us, we love them all. We will have snow the same weekend of the move! Stay warm, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of it all. We look forward to more posts! Thank you Stephen.


  3. chefjanalee says:

    I am so happy to read your blog tonight. I was super happy to see your new boots! Well needed. Cannot wait for Cedar Ridge Photos! Stay warm and thanks for this amazing update! Enjoy the beauty of the new fallen snow!

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