Ancient Alliance


I am nearing completion of my science fiction historical mystery novel, Ancient Alliance, planned for publication in 2020.

On December 15, 1900, mariners in the area claimed they saw a ghost ship crewed with skeletons through the sea fog.

On December 26, 1900, the Hesperus arrived as usual on the lee-side of the main island to find no one waiting on the jetty. There was no light from the tower for the first time since it was built a year before.

Mystified, the skipper sent a man ashore to find out why, and he soon returned with the news that the lighthouse was deserted entirely – all three beds and the front door seem to have been left as if just for a moment. The lamp, throughout, was working correctly, the reflectors were polished brightly, and the oil reservoir was full to the top. In one room, they found a slate where Ducat, the head keeper, had made his last log entry, dated December 15, and timed 9 a.m. But the men had disappeared into thin air.

All remained ominously mysterious. To this day, what happened to the three lighthouse keepers remains one of the sea’s unresolved riddles. Or is there an unimaginable explanation?


5 comments on “Ancient Alliance

  1. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    Thrilled to pieces! I can hardly wait to read this novel. Congratulations as the completion and release near. Yay! 🙏🎉🎈

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  2. Sue Swift Maves says:

    I love lighthouse mysteries. This sounds intriguing. Many years ago you and I talked about proofreading. I am still interested in proofing if you are looking for someone.

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  3. Shana Dean says:

    I am so excited and cannot wait for this novel. You are such a riveting writer and one of the best storytellers I have ever known!

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  4. Clarence O'Neil says:

    Congratulations Stephen, Looking forward to reading this mystery novel. i can imagine that it will definitely be page turner.


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