Horror Novel

Horror Novel 2019 © Stephen Bruno

As many of you are aware, one of my passions is photography and especially wildlife photography which I’ve been doing for over fifty years. An even bigger passion is my love of writing especially fiction which, according to my older sister, I was writing short stories at four years old making it over sixty years of writing. I am continuing to complete several novels and a few nonfiction books this year.

With my knowledge as a wildlife photographer and naturalist, I am writing a new Horror Novel beginning with the sighting of wildlife predators congregating around the town park by a man walking his dog. Then frightening strange unspeakable things began to happen in the dead of night.

13 comments on “Horror Novel

  1. Enchantress Aubry says:

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your books.

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  2. Sue Maves says:

    I love horror stories. Does this mean you have finished some of your other books?

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  3. I can only use my imagination and think that strong wonderful points will be made through such thriller material. I can’t wait either!

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  4. Shana Dean says:

    Great black-and-white photo! It leaves so much to the imagination especially with your title, Horror Novel. The curious foot prints in the snow, the empty, dark playground, the single streetlight, casting long shadows- a foreboding scene indeed. I’m SO excited to hear you’re in the editing stage and will be publishing this year! I await with eager anticipation! And, your new horror sounds enthralling! 💜

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  5. I am so looking forward to all your books. Thanks for sharing.

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